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Per our previous post,欧洲议会和成员国同意通过新的规则,以制定保护整个欧盟举报人免遭解雇的标准,降级,and other forms of retaliation when they report breaches of various areas of EU law.根据欧洲议会发布的新闻稿… 金博宝188登录

New York DFS Cybersecurity September 2018 Deadline

纽约金融服务部网络安全条例23 NYCRR 500(“条例”)于2017年3月生效,并为其各种要求制定了四个交错的合规期限。到9月3日的第三个截止日期,2018,Covered Entities are required to be in compliance with sections 500.06 (audit trails),500.08(应用程序安全)500.13 … 金博宝188登录

南达科他州通过了违反通知法,离开阿拉巴马州State Without a Breach Notification Law

3月21日,2018,南达科他州州长Daugaard签署了S.B.62,颁布国家第一部数据泄露通知法,which will go into effect July 1,2018.以前,Alabama and South Dakota were the only U.S.states without data breach notification.As of July 2018,Alabama will be the last state without a data breach … 金博宝188登录

Colorado and Vermont Adopt Cybersecurity Rules Covering Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

科罗拉多州和佛蒙特州的州金融监管机构最近通过了网络安全规则,该规则适用于受这些州监管的经纪人和投资顾问以及某些其他“证券专业人士”。in Vermont.“证券专业”的广义定义in Vermont's regulation ("any person providing investment-related services in Vermont") could include entities that do not generally consider … 金博宝188登录


我们之前在联邦通信委员会2016年的隐私令上报告过,“保护宽带和其他电信服务客户的隐私”影响互联网服务提供商的数据隐私做法和义务以及相应的合规时间表。干预事件,however,已经制定了2016年隐私权令的规定。6月26日,2017,FCC… 金博宝188登录


In April 2017,the New York Department of Financial Services (the "DFS") released guidance on interpreting 23 NYCRR Part 500,它最近颁布的法规要求银行,insurance companies and other financial services institutions regulated by the DFS to adopt broad cybersecurity programs (the "Regulation"),以常见问题(“FAQ”)文档的形式… 金博宝188登录


2月16日,2017,the New York Department of Financial Services (the "DFS") released a final version (the "Final Regulation") of its proposed regulation,先前于12月28日以较早修订的形式发布,2016,这需要银行,保险公司和其他由金融服务机构监管的金融服务机构采取广泛的网络安全保护… 金博宝188登录


The European Commission has released proposals for new legislation that seeks to create stronger privacy in electronic communications.《隐私和电子通信条例草案》(“条例”)旨在取代《电子隐私指令》(2002/58/EC),并将使法律符合《一般数据保护》中规定的新规则。 金博宝188登录


As we previously reported,in December 2016 the New York Department of Financial Services (the "DFS") announced that it was revising its proposed regulation that would require banks,insurance companies and other financial services institutions regulated by the DFS to adopt broad cybersecurity protections (the "Original Proposal").12月28日,2016,the DFS released a … 金博宝188登录

Financial Industry Groups Criticize New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Proposal;New Draft to be Released on December 28,2016

As we previously reported,in September 2016 the New York Department of Financial Services (the "DFS") proposed a regulation that would require banks,保险公司和其他金融服务机构受金融服务监管,采取广泛的网络安全保护措施(“提案”)。该提案的评论期在11月中旬结束。In late December,a DFS … 金博宝188登录


9月13日,2016,New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the New York Department of Financial Services (the "DFS") proposed a regulation that would require banks,insurance companies,and other financial services institutions regulated by the DFS to establish and maintain a cybersecurity program (the "Proposal").如果提案获得通过,纽约会… 金博宝188登录


Oregon became the first state to adopt the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act ("Revised UFADAA") when Governor Kate Brown signed Oregon Senate Bill 1554 into law on March 3,2016.  The law will become effective on January 1,2017… 金博宝188登录


After nearly four years of negotiation and wrangling,欧洲官员昨天宣布,他们终于就欧盟新的通用数据保护条例(以下简称“条例”)的语言达成一致。它将取代老化1995数据保护指令(“指令”)。In many ways,the announcement is welcome news as it will harmonize what had become … 金博宝188登录

Delaware Enacts Comprehensive Online Privacy Protection Law

1月1日,2016,the Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act ("DOPPA") will go into force,为居民提供强有力的在线隐私保护的法律。新法律的目标是三个方面的合规性:(1)向儿童做广告;(二)明显张贴合规隐私政策;(3)加强对用户的隐私保护。 金博宝188登录


今天的普通美国人产生的媒体比历史上任何时候都多,and the ease with which our communications,照片,and videos are sent and stored digitally means most of us have more media stored in the cloud or on a single digital device than previous generations would have created in … 金博宝188登录

康涅狄格州更新其数据安全法,Imposing Stringent New Requirements

6月30日,2015,the Governor of Connecticut signed into law S.B.949,"An Act Improving Data Security and Agency Effectiveness."[1] The new law updates Connecticut's data security laws,including by adding a 90-day hard deadline for data breach reporting,requiring companies in some cases to offer data breach victims a year of free identify theft … 金博宝188登录

Washington State Amends Breach Notification Law to Expand Notification Requirements

On April 23,2015,华盛顿州州长杰伊·因斯利签署了一项法案,加强了该州的数据泄露通知法(修订了华盛顿法案)。Rev.代码§§19.255.010和42.56.590,并创建新的章节)。H.B.1078对现行法律作了以下实质性修改:根据现行法律,拥有或…… 金博宝188登录

Where do we stand on the territorial scope of EU data protection law following the recent European Parliament vote?

目前欧盟第95/46号指令的领土范围的确定仍在国家法院和欧洲法院(ECJ)之间存在争议。This issue may soon become moot with the adoption of future data protection regulation,这可能会修改和扩大欧盟数据隐私法的领土范围,188bet金博宝… 金博宝188登录

New California Law Impacts Use of Information from Minors,Offers Right to Delete

法律针对针对未成年人的网站和移动应用程序,Offers "Online Eraser"今年7月1日可能在全国范围内产生影响,new amendments to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule (COPPA Rule) came into effect,with perhaps the most pronounced changes being the expansion of COPPA to apply to geolocation … 金博宝188登录

California Enacts New "Do Not Track"网站披露要求法

9月27日,California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new 188bet金博宝privacy law that has significant repercussions for nearly every business in the United States that operates a commercial website or online service and collects "personally identifiable information"(意思是under the law,“运营商从网上收集的有关个人消费者的个人可识别信息… 金博宝188登录