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Jennifer Roche是诉讼部门的高级律师。她是一名专注于复杂金融服务事务的商业诉讼人,antitrust disputes and securities litigation.She represents clients in a variety of industries that include private equity,银行业,insurance,professional sports,health care,energy and publishing in both state and federal courts,including in bankruptcy court.

Jennifer also represents corporations in internal investigations and regulatory investigations initiated by the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission and other government agencies.In addition,她为客户提供有关目标公司诉讼风险的潜在并购方面的建议。

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Doesn't Alice Live Here Anymore?FACTA and the Address Discrepancy Rule

Section 315 of FACTA requires institutions that utilize consumer reports ("users") to develop and follow certain procedures when notified of an address discrepancy  by a national CRA (Equifax,Experian and TransUnion). Under FACTA,national CRAs are required to issue a "notice of address discrepancy"当用户提供一个地址,要求消费者报告“实质上… 金博宝188登录

Third Time's a Charm for "Data Accountability and Trust"?Federal Breach Notification Bill Introduced in the House.Again.这次有数据安全规定。

On April 30,2009,Representative Bobby Rush (D-Ill) introduced H.R.2221,数据责任和信任法案。这张账单几乎和H.R.一模一样。958,introduced by Rep.冲进第110届国会,and is similar to the Data Accountability and Trust Act,introduced by Rep.斯坦恩斯(R-FL)在第109届国会。当然,the newest "Data Accountability and Trust Act"is only the most recent of dozens of bills proposed over the last several years that would implement uniform federal breach notification requirements and preempt the 44 state laws requiring notification.Rep.拉什的最新法案还包括数据安全条款,并将抢先实施这些要求的州法律的数量不断增加。… 金博宝188登录